VOLUNTEERS at Sun 'n Fun YearRound!

Becoming a Sun 'n Fun Volunteer has many benefits. Your contributions can help continue Sun 'n Fun's mission to promote aviation education and air safety. You can meet and work directly with some of the most interesting and experienced individuals in the world of sport aviation today. Our enthusiasm comes from our ability to offer a venue where you and other volunteers can use your talents to contribute to what we all have in common, the love of aviation. You do not have to be a pilot, if aviation interests you, you are welcome to share your time and talents.

We need many year-round volunteers to assist with projects in the Florida Air Museum at Sun 'n Fun which includes our Research Library. Our need is constant for those who have an aviation background and have and interest in promoting the air museum. Sun 'n Fun Fly-In preparation is also a year-round activity, which largely includes the constant upkeep and preparation of our site and facilities. There is always something to do.

Sun 'n Fun is very fortunate to have group of volunteers called the EarlyBirds. These individuals begin arriving in the fall to assist Sun 'n Fun with preparation for the upcoming spring event. Most of our EarlyBirds live on-site and their time is dedicated to improving our event. They do a great job! If you would like to become an EarlyBird, contact our office - the EarlyBird program is by invitation only!

Our convention volunteers come right before or during our fly-in and blend their talents with those who have already been long at work. These combined efforts make Sun'n Fun a premiere aviation event worldwide. All areas of the convention benefit from these dedicated volunteers

Sun 'n Fun needs volunteers for the following areas
Airside Ground Operations, Commercial Security, Special Events "Go Team" Registration & Admissions, On-Site Transportation, Sun 'n Fun Security Year-Round Museum Support, Sign Shop (Graphic Arts)
If you would like to include the volunteer experience as part of your next Sun 'n Fun visit, contact us now!
Sun 'n Fun Fly-In, Inc. Attn: Volunteer Coordinator P.O. Box 7670

Lakeland, FL 33807

863-644-2431         Fax: 863-709-0001
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